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Photo: Dagan Beach

This is where I am suppose to write something “About Me”.  I am a bit reluctant to do so as I created this blog to do the exact opposite: write about other people, not me!  So instead, the below is the “why” of this blog and a brief skimming of “I was born in… and travelled to…” stuff so we can all quickly peace-out and get to the good stuff, like champagne after a long painful wedding speech.

One thing I’m certain of is this: All of us possess two eyes (two eyes are a close phew! for me, as I almost stabbed my right eye out with a pencil when I was three) a heart, a brain and a unique home of a body that moves us through time and space for quite literally… a ride of a lifetime. I am also quite certain we are all gifted with a unique way of how we choose to ride the two wildest horses: Perception and Expression. Both are as unique as the cells that bind us together. Whether you are someone who chooses to express every Saturday afternoon with a messy palate of paint purposefully staining your SaturdayAfternoonChinos or moves through life with the lens of a brilliant mathematician and also happens to win every weekend poker tournament at the Legion. You have it. I have it. We all have it.

I happened to come out of the womb watching words and stories bounce off the doctor’s wrist while being passed into the cradle of my mother’s arms, albeit they are sometimes non-sensical, distracting and grammatically cringeable ones (that isn’t a word, for example). Words have followed me throughout my life. Most of the time I make the big ones up, but still, they are words and they are mine. Off the edges of my LEGO castles and the curves of every passing cheek bone and eye crease, I created stories. I also grew up listening to my dad read pirate stories from an old leather bound book every night, balancing his pint of Guinness, olives and salami on one knee and tucking my sisters and I near the other. Being the youngest of three, I listened and observed…a lot. I’d sit on staircases at family gatherings or I would watch my dad at knee height telling jokes at the local pub. I took a quiet tally of how light, shadows and nuances danced with one another, between object and subject. Looking back, I can now see that my life growing up was an inevitable alchemy for bringing me to where I am now: I am one-part my father’s love for tale-telling and one-part my mother’s teacherly patience. I am one part slow and steady and one part impatient voracity. My mom was an even boil of a perfect stew while my father was mostly over-boiled and I… am their goulash.

This website, therefore, is the dedication of words that poureth fortheth from the goulash of my heart (weird?). They are biogra-stories of friends and strangers from afar whom I find captivating. Each person is a microcosmic example of how I hope the greater macrocosm chooses to function: with passion being the heart beat of each action, a common day brilliance reminding us we are the prophets we so desperately seek and with the healing of our earth’s broken arteries at the forefront of their mission. Each have shared their courageous act of being human by being who they are without pretence or apology. Each person is a reminder of how the “ordinary” is a plentiful disguise of the wildly extraordinary.

Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to tell your story too.

*Note: You will find a many spelling errors, a schwakload of make-believe words, grammatical errors and run-on-sentences kinda like this one because hiring an editor would ruin all of the fun.*

Link here to view my full website regarding my schedule of workshops, yoga teacher trainings and full bio.

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Cassie Lee, Hong Kong, 2007 

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